Friday, November 17, 2006

Mutiara Bowling ''场''...

Haha...After ''Meeting'' At School Canteen...
We Made Dicission 2 Go Mutiara 4 Bowling...Wakaka
We Play Happily There bcoz There Was The Last Day 2 School In Tis Year.

Walao...Too Many Ppl Here Liao....
Just Hard 2 Explain Who Is >.<

Hehe...Tis 1 Easier.
Victoria Lee Zhi Hui , Tang Mei Sim >.<

Chong Wen Xiang , Chen Jun Han :)

Jackie...Cheng Yew Seng o0O.O0o

OK...After Enjoying our Life...
It's Time 2 go Back...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yeah!~ Holiday!~ :)

Haha!~ Finally...Reached 11/11/06...
Tat Day We All Went To Chong Hwa & Took Our Exam Result.
After tat, We Head Over Mutiara & Play Blowling. Wakakaka ^^
B4 Tat...We Met At Canteen And Head Over Mutiara.
We Took Many Picture At School n Mutiara ^^

Christopher YamKokFong , Ng Hong Yi , Wong Ting Shen

Tis Is My ''徒弟''- - - - - Chan Yu Xuan

Yoyo!~Wassup Wassup!~

?=.=? It Is Just Sky...nothing

Mr.David Ng Hong Yi :)

''黑色会大姐 ''

- - - - - Khoo Mun Hui

Ok..After Met Up At Canteen...

It Looks Like Is The Time To Go Mutiara Now! ^^