Monday, May 29, 2006

Movie Made By Me & My 2nd Bro >.<

Tis Movie Is Made By Me N My Second Bro.
We Start Doing From Yesterday Evening 2.00pm Until Night 7.00pm,
But The Results Is Really...I Dunno How To Say
Just Can Say It's Prefect!!!~ >.<

P/S: Leave Some Comments After See If Can >.<

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Waa...New Post Again ^.<

Last Post Dam Long N I Type liao Dunno How Many Month...=_=''
Actually At Primary School R Really Hvae Many Sweet Memories....
Haihz...I Long Time No New Post Liao.
From I Study In Chong Hwa I Didn't Have 1 New Post Oso =_=''
(because too busy to study/play maple >.^)
Study In Chong Hwa Oso Got 5 Month Liao Lor,
Homework Oso Can Say Is Quite Many De...
Homework Many Nvm,But CAn Say Everyday Oso Got Exam...>.<
Sienz...Everyday Go Back Home Just Study,
Later Sure Got 1 Day Study Until Die -_- (lol)
Haihz...Now Mid Year Exam Oso ''Exam'' Finish Liao...
Can Say Is Quite Free De...
After Exam...Everyday Come Back Home, No More Study :)
Just Play!~ Hehe ^.<
But Play Oso Play 1 Hour Only.
Haihz...But Nvm La,
好过没得玩la!~ ^^
How About U All?
Hehe >.^
But I Think 2 More Weeks Then Die Lor...
Exam Paper Will Give Back 2 Us Liao =_=''
If Tat Time Exam Result Not Good Then Die Lor...=_=''
After 2 Weeks Then Only Say La!~
Now I Just Wanna Relax & Play Maple ^.< wakaka
Let's Play!~ Enjoy Urself ^^
N Dun B Worried About Ur Exam Result 1st
Hehe!~ Just Play Now ^^